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We help businesses
negotiate state
and local incentives.

Are you considering a business move

across the country or across town?

Are you creating jobs in your area? 

Are you opening a new location?

In an effort to encourage job growth and investment in their respective areas, state and local governments offer companies a variety of tax credits and incentives.

Discretionary incentives may be available to you.

When you allow Tax Credit Collective to guide you through negotiating state and local incentives we will:

  • Suggest state and local state tax credits and incentives related to your industry and your specific type of business

  • Work with your team to gather the necessary data to make a case for your claim

  • Determine the value of your applicable tax credits and exemptions

  • Handle submission of tax credit or incentive claims

  • Produce and provide the necessary documents to your state or local government

  • Arrange negotiated incentives

  • Confirm that you receive your benefits and that all contingencies are met

  • Evaluate and certify your potential opportunities among the available credits and incentives

  • Identify and analyze other areas of your business, such as payroll data, that could potentially increase your eligible tax credits and economic incentives

Discretionary or negotiated incentives include
direct funding resources such as:

  • Grants

  • Low-Interest Financing

  • Property Tax Relief

  • Fee Waivers

  • Utility Rate Reductions

  • Services for Site Preparation

  • Employee Hiring and Training Support

Negotiated incentives usually include conditions such as capital spending and hiring commitments. What’s more, if a company fails to meet these commitments, the government can recoup its funding to protect itself against risk.


Despite these provisions, companies that pursue negotiated incentives can reap significant financial benefits to aid in the evaluation of specific activities’ return on investment.

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