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We help businesses access
the R&D tax credit

Are you in a white lab coat, working in a bio lab?

Chances are, you're not and neither are 99% of our clients...

Industries that commonly claim this credit:​​​

  • Agriculture

  • Architecture 

  • Engineering 

  • Construction 

  • Manufacturing

  • Software

Do you believe this credit is just for big business?


Annually, $17 billion in Federal Research and Development Tax Credits

are claimed by businesses across the United States.

According to the Treasury, 82% of qualifying companies with $250 million or more in annual revenue claim this credit each year, but...


Companies with less than $50 million in revenue that otherwise qualify

 only capitalize on it 17% of the time.


Simply put - awareness, education, and access prevent SMBs from taking 

advantage of this lucrative credit the way big business does. 

Tax Credit Collective is here to fix that. 

How to Access This Credit

Your business may be eligible if you have 
attempted to create or improve a:












Highlights of this often overlooked credit:

  • Based on a percentage of qualifying expenditures

  • Dollar for dollar credit to offset tax liability

  • Can claim a refund for prior years' taxes already paid

  • Many states have their own R&D credit  

  • Certain businesses can claim against the Alternative Minimum Tax

  • Qualified Small Businesses can use the credit to offset payroll tax

Our R&D Tax Credit Study Process

Phase 1 – Assess What Credits Are Available to You

  • This front-end assessment is at no cost to you.

  • We collaborate with your staff to collect the data we need while being respectful of your time.

  • We provide an estimate of your credits available and identify any issues to claiming them. 

  • We collaborate on your project timeline and information that will be needed.

  • If there is no benefit to you pursuing the R&D credit, we part ways with you having a greater understanding of the credit and why you can't claim it. 

Phase 2 – Put Tax Credits to Work for You and Your Business

  • We begin your full study by conducting necessary interviews and gathering supporting documentation. 

  • We evaluate qualified projects and activities while collecting any documentation needed.

  • We deliver a robust R&D credit study complete with the forms your CPA will need to file to claim your credits.

Phase 3 – Provide Study and Audit Support

  • We provide an assessment of ways to improve future credit studies and maximize credits in the future.

  • If the claim is examined, we walk hand-in-hand with you to defend and sustain your credits.

Our process ensures your success in capturing all the credits you are entitled to by law. 

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