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Have You Received an ERC Audit Letter?
Our ERC audit defense team can help you defend and retain your tax credit.

Audit Notices and Letters of Denial

Businesses and organizations that claimed the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) are receiving audit notices and letters of denial. In many cases, the provider who handled the ERC claim is no longer in business or not willing to defend claims they filed. Most letters questioning ERC claims contain 13 questions with sub-parts and give the taxpayer only 30 days to respond.


Our tax incentive specialists will review your ERC claim to determine whether and to what extent you were eligible for the amounts you claimed.  We will review the letter(s) you have received and help determine your best course of action. We have reviewed thousands of ERC cases and understand the nuances of the law and ensuing IRS guidance regarding what constitutes eligibility for claiming the ERC. 

Audit Defense

Should you engage our firm to defend your ERC claim, your case will be defended by a licensed tax attorney - Joshua Massoud, J.D. - with nearly 20 years of tax incentives experience. We will communicate with your assigned IRS agent to meet required deadlines, answer their questions regarding your claim, provide required information and defend your eligibility.

Managing Partner

Joshua Massoud is a seasoned Tax Credit and Government Incentives veteran and founding partner of Tax Credit Collective, LLC.  Joshua has worked at a prestigious list of national tax and law firms throughout his career since graduating from St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio, Texas.  With his combined technical and legal experience, he has helped manage the most nuanced of engagements across the U.S.  Joshua possesses a deep knowledge of a number of tax-related services, including the Federal R&D Tax Credit, 179D, Interest Charge – Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) and State Statutory and Negotiated Incentives, among others. 


When not helping businesses capture tax credits, he is an avid bass fisherman and competitive boxer with a 9-1 record. He is husband to Jen and dad to Marleigh and Lily.

For a no-obligation consultation regarding your ERC claim, contact us at 214.414.9881.

Joshua Massoud, J.D., Managing Partner Tax Credit Collective
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