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Environmental Remediation Activities and the R&D Tax Credit

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Tax Credit Collective overviews environmental remediation activities that can qualify for tax credits- especially the Research & Development tax credit.

What is Environmental Remediation and How Could It Qualify You for Credits?

Our world is increasingly developing better practices to help protect the planet from pollution and natural disaster. However, sometimes accidents occur, waste is created, or natural disasters wreak havoc. This is where environmental remediation comes to play. Environmental professionals, construction companies, and design and engineering firms use a number of technologies to clean up polluted sites or reduce future damage. The challenges of these projects often necessitate new or improved products, processes, or software, technical solutions, or a process of experimentation. Federal and state governments incentivize companies to do this costly and challenging work through tax credits. At Tax Credit Collective, we help engineering, waste management, and technology firms capture the R&D Tax Credit. If your business engages in the following activities, you could be eligible to capture the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit:

  • Environmental impact studies

  • New materials and technologies experimentation

  • Site drainage and plot foundation design

  • Disaster site studies

  • Developing new technologies to comply with changing emissions regulations

  • Foundation design or earthwork for site conditions

  • Streets, bridges, waterways, and related infrastructure design

  • Innovative wastewater technology design

  • Pump station design

  • Site decontamination and restoration

  • Landfill gas extraction and treatment systems design

  • Designing carbon or greenhouse gas storage systems and materials

  • Improving or developing alternative ventilation systems

  • Retaining wall structure design

  • Designing flare stations

  • Groundwater and soil remediation

  • CAD or BIM modeling

  • …. And much more! This list is not exhaustive. There are many ways for companies to engage in environmental remediation research and development.

Tax Credits Can Be Complicated

We know Tax Credits can be tricky to understand, calculate, and substantiate. We're here to help you determine if you are eligible to capture the R&D tax credit. You can reach us at 833-3INCENT.


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