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R&D Tax Credit Study
Sample Information Document Request

Once you engage us to handle your R&D study, we will send you an information request and secure portal link where you can upload the documents request. Each client's information request is specifically tailored to their situation, but this is a general outline of the items we may request so we can begin scoping out the R&D credits available to you. 

Tax Returns

  • Please provide the entity-level federal tax returns for all relevant entities for the following tax years:

  • 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 (draft copy if available)


Financial Information

  • W-2 Information – Please provide employee W2 information for the 2016-2020 calendar years in .xlsx or .csv format (if available) for all related entities. An electronic wage report is also acceptable. Ideally, a wage report would include the following fields:

    • Employee Name

    • Employee ID Number

    • Employee title/position description

    • Cost Center number

    • Cost Center description

    • Company number/business unit

    • Box 1, W-2 wage amount

    • Box 16, W-2 wage amount

    • Employee hire/termination dates

    • If an electronic format is not available, “hard” copies or pdf copies of the W2 may be substituted.


  • Contract Research Expenses – Please provide information on potential contract research expenses for the 2013-2020 tax year. This information could come in any of the following formats:

    • Transaction-level detail from GL Accounts (if these expenses are tracked in unique GL accounts)

    • Vendor Summary Reports

    • Invoices

    • 1099s (hard copies if the above isn’t available)


Organizational Information

  • Employee Roster – List of Employees and Job Title if hardcopy/electronic copies of W-2’s were provided.

  • Employee Organizational Chart

  • Corporate Organizational Chart (or a description of any related entities by ownership)

  • Acquisitions or Dispositions: Please provide a list of all trade or businesses that were acquired or disposed of, as well as all supporting federal tax returns and documentation, from 2013-2020


Project Information

  • List of Projects Conducted from 2016-2020

  • Employee Time Tracking Data – Please provide an electronic download of the complete time tracking system for the 2016-2019 tax years. Ideally, this information would contain the following fields:

    • Year

    • Project number

    • Project description

    • Project type

    • Activity type

    • Employee name

    • Employee job title

    • Employee cost center number

    • Employee cost center description

    • Project manager/Supervisor

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