We help businesses

capture lucrative tax credits

Many companies are missing out on tax credits they could claim for the day to day work they already do. We partner with you and your CPA to put these tax incentives to work for you.

We enable our clients to claim all the tax credits available to them

This gives their

business better

cash flow

As a result, they have a competitive edge

in their market

$100 BILLION in tax credits and government incentives are claimed each year, almost all of which goes to the Fortune 500.

Only 17% of eligible small to midsize businesses capture 

the most lucrative federal tax credit.

This means your business is potentially missing out

on hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax credits.

Why Us?

Our surgical study methodology maximizes your time and return


We partner with

you and your CPA every step of the way to ensure success.


If your tax credit claim is examined, we provide full and robust audit defense

How We Work

We determine what

credits are available and

a detailed road map for success to secure them

Our team delivers

your detailed tax credit

study and forms for filing so you get the credits

We guide you

through maximizing 

these credits

going forward


"If you own or run a business that develops products, I highly suggest connecting with Tax Credit Collective to help you find the money you have been leaving on the table for years."

Scott Engberg - VP

CHM Industries, Inc.

"Joshua has been a tremendous resource for me to recommend to clients in need of tax credit analysis and qualifying. He is quick to respond to requests and extremely knowledgeable in a very esoteric area of the tax code. "

Bob Wilson, CPA - Partner

EW Tax & Valuation Group, LLC

"I have worked with Joshua for a couple of years. He has been instrumental in guiding and preparing R&D tax credits for us. His level of professionalism, responsiveness and accuracy to detail is unmatched."

Rajesh Sehgal - Owner

Allpro Consulting Group, Inc.